Stacey Saed

Stacey Saed

Revived Home Specialist & Founder

I am Stacey Saed – Revived Home Specialist and Founder of Annestasis, Inc. 

I have been creating warm and welcoming spaces since I received my first dollhouse in the fourth grade.  I believe our environments can either propel us in a positive or negative life trajectory.

At the end of the day, it is about listening.  My clients know what they need, where they want to go and seek guidance on how it can happen.  My role is to offer suggestions, problem solve and design a space to honor their personal style. 

Whether it is a move to a new location, a scale down to a senior living community or reviving an existing home, I’ve got you covered!  I gather the ideas, supplies, helpers and create the plan.  I aim to make peace out of a seemingly stressful process.   

My team is a one stop shop that helps others pack, reorganize, dispose of unwanted items, unpack, arrange, decorate and get them settled – all the way down to each drawer and closet.

I excel in helping others make meaningful choices that affect aesthetics and pocketbooks.  I build relationships and get things done!  It is all about balance of time, energy and resources.  Maximizing those things is my secret to success.   

It is my honor and deep commitment to create healthy spaces for people to rest, restore and renew!   

Annestasis is the origin of my name (Stacey Anne) and it means rebirth.  I have been born again multiple times to create a vibrant life.  My dream is to pass it along to others and share the gift of embracing challenges as the portal to better things!