Stacey Johnson

Stacey Johnson

Revived Home Specialist and the Queen BE of Annestasis, Inc.

I am Stacey Johnson – Revived Home Specialist and the Queen BE of Annestasis, Inc. 

I have been creating warm and welcoming spaces since I received my first dollhouse in fourth grade.  Designing environments where people love to BE is my specialty and I have been doing it professionally for many years.  At the end of the day, the value added is my ability to be decisive, to listen and to stay on task to completion on new and existing property.  I save people money and create a larger profit margin when it is time to sell.   

I excel in helping others make meaningful choices that affect aesthetics and pocketbooks.  Whether it is an individual, a general contractor or property investors, I can build relationships and get things done!  It is all about balance of time, energy and resources.  Maximizing those things is my secret to success.   

I believe that our environments can either propel us in a positive or negative life trajectory.  It is my honor and deep commitment to create healthy spaces for people to rest, restore and renew!   

Annestasis is the origin of my name (Stacey Anne) and it means rebirth.  I have been born again multiple times to create a vibrant life.  My dream is to pass it along to others and share the gift of embracing challenges as the portal to better things! 

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