Melissa Hammel

Melissa Hammel

LPC/MHSP – Money Mender & Chronic Fashionista

I am Melissa Hammel, LPC/MHSP – Money Mender & Chronic Fashionista 

I am a Financial Planner, Licensed Professional Counselor and mother of Elrod (my sweet pug).  I would love to help YOU find peace in your relationship with money.  Today I enjoy the gifts money brings, as well as the gifts of giving money and helping serve others.  Let me help you find your ideal relationship with money. 

A few things that I explore with a person seeking financial serenity is 

  • How to understand and work with a partner/spouse/family member around money 
  • Roadblocks for you around money 

  • Spending – what needs are being met 
  • Beliefs around money you did not know you even had 
  • How to relearn your behaviors with money 
  • Money trauma & healing 
  • Chronic debt and low self esteem 

  • Compulsive spending and other money disordered behaviors 
  • Money as a trigger for relapse in addiction 

You can receive my experience, strength & hope around money, addiction and other relational struggles and benefit from my mistakes.  I freely share my counseling, coaching, financial advising and recovery in addiction (all kinds) as we partner to find healing and understanding beyond our wildest dreams! 

In addition, I love to play – in closets. Yours, mine, anyone’s! They are treasure troves of creativity.  For 45 years I’ve  been creating with clothing and accessories. It’s my favorite form of artistic expression. There are great lessons to be shared as we dress as our brightest and most authentic selves.