Jana Cardona

Jana Cardona

Gallup Strengths Finder Facilitator & Founder of Designed For Success

I am Jana Cardona – Gallup Strengths Finder Facilitator & Founder of Designed For Success 

I am blessed to be able to pursue my passion of helping people see their value and worth. We live in a world focused on what is wrong with people rather than what is right. Too many of us believe we came up short when talents were handed out. Instead of wasting large portions of our lives trying to be like, or as good as, someone else, we need to understand how to build on who we already are.   When we focus on what’s good, success becomes possible.  We perform better in school. in work, and in life because we feel we have something to offer.  We have something to contribute, some way to make a difference. 

My goal as a Gallup Certified Coach, using the language of Strengths. is to shine the light on what is inherently good already and then learn how to make it better.  My heart’s desire is to expose individuals to the reality that, whether we believe it or not, every person came into this world with talent. It thrills me to watch eyes light up when people realize that what they naturally do well is truly their personalTalent DNA.     I believe each individual is uniquely created by God, and therefore each one of us has something very special to offer to this world. 

When we think of talent, we typically think of singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument. We fail to identify being organized, completing tasks on time, building relationships, being empathetic, or quickly identifying solutions to problems as “talents”.  But they are! 

Understanding one’s unique design leads us to be a happier and more productive manager, employee, business partner, team member, student, spouse, and child. When we feel positive and valued, good results follow. 

Every person’s deepest desire is to make a difference somewhere, somehow. Understanding one’s unique talents shines a light on the path to make that possible. 

My areas of expertise have been developed through many different paths. Some of those include serving alongside my husband in ministry both in the United States and Australia, being involved with sales and training, owning and operating two franchises, earning the Distinguished Toastmaster designation, and being a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. 

I am a wife, a parent of two adopted children, and a grandmother to 8 wonderful grandchildren. My passion for helping people is inborn, but God sharpened my people skills as I walked with those close to me who experienced alcoholism, financial ruin, marital issues, abuse,  and other gut-wrenching issues. 

Through workshops and coaching, my goal is to help others first understand themselves and their unique talents, and then learn how to strengthen those special gifts to positively affect others and create their personal path to joy and fulfillment.