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Wardrobe Revisions

A unique service to “enliven” your personal style means we work with what you ALREADY own and re-birth it into a new style.  There are always those pieces we love to wear – favorite pants, favorite sweater/blouse…and we wear them repeatedly.  We show you how to keep doing that, AND, wear them differently.  Pair them …

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Healthy Body Coaching

A busy life and being pulled in too many directions can mean unhealthy eating habits and food choices made on “the fly”.  We have been there (more than once). Whole food, fresh ingredients are the building blocks to success!  Find out how you can learn a new relationship with your body, food and movement.  It is a physical and spiritual …

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Money Mending

If creating the prosperity we desire was all about the balance sheet, we would have become rich after taking Accounting 101 in college.  There are money messages so familiar in our psyche that we don’t even recognize them as creating issues such as debt, stress, underearning and procrastination.  Let’s move beyond those limitations to live the abundant life waiting for us!  We can create a …

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