Finding My Way Back to Her

Recently, I have found myself navigating the road of inner child work. I don’t know if you’ve ever even thought of such a thing. But it’s very popular in the world of gaining freedom from a past that might hold you captive. For me, it’s come up in several practices.

One is to find freedom from compulsive emotional eating and move toward a healthier & more balanced lifestyle. Another practice involves recovering my inner artist. As I strive to find my voice in writing and visual arts, I am led to connect and be assisted by the child within for God’s inspired creative work. And yet another is learning a new way of living mentally in a Positive Intelligence group. Wrapping it up with a new mindset around financial matters and living within my means.

So what does it even mean to converse with the child within my fifty three year old person? I don’t think there is one specific way. For me it is getting quiet and listening. So much of the longing within me and the triggers that sabotage me is the desire to be heard. So…I listen. And as of this writing, she (this inner person) has said very little. They say that is common. If I previously thought this practice was ridiculous and a huge waste of my time for years, you can imagine how unwilling this little spirit might be. My work is continue to listen and wait.

Some things have become apparent. She likes to be a princess with an adventurous life. She seems to be drawn to beauty of all kinds. I think she likes to laugh and play much more than me so I’m learning to give in to those joy filled indulgences.

She is also angry…and scared…and full of self-doubt. One minute she’s dreaming of travel and beautiful dresses, the next she is eaten up with judgement and control. This is the work of connecting with my inner child. When did that hurt occur and how can I heal it to move beyond it to a better life?

In a practical sense, it’s essential to remove childish compulsive behavior that sabotages our physical, mental and financial health. The ups and downs of the journey actually strengthen our spiritual life if we can embrace the unknowing. The more out of control we feel, the more opportunity to cling to God and that abundant power.

Today, we can use this inner child practice as a tool to allow us to reach our untapped potential. The child within can show us how to arrest comfort eating to lose weight, stop financial excess to soothe anxiety or finally write the book or paint the painting we always wish we had. This part of us has audacious dreams and is not inhibited by our small thinking if we allow it space.

The beautiful thing is as I do this, I can share the path with others and guide them along their way. That’s my life’s calling, helping others to their Annestasis (resurrection) as I learn and grow. I am going to continue down the road of this practice. I’ll continue to look for others who want to join me.

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