Recovering Your Personal Strengths

Overcoming self-doubt is letting go of what the world says you are supposed to be.

Our culture focuses us on needing to fix our weaknesses. But what if we learned to focus on the positives, our inborn strengths and the strengths in others? How would your world and our culture be different?

Jana will show you how to use your strengths:

  • It changes your perspective at work, at home and in your relationships.
  • Helps bring clarity, meaning and purpose to your story.

You learn to use your strengths:

  • To encourage others,
  • To appreciate yourself,
  • To perform better and
  • To voice differences in a meaningful way.

In this workshop you will uncover and learn to use your unique Talent DNA.

There will be an assessment link sent to you prior to the session to get your personal strengths.

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