Book Club for Wednesday, April 7th is moved to THURSDAY APRIL 15th at 6:00 pm due to weather!

What does Nature have to do with Body, Spirit & Home? If you're asking that, you need to join us!

Annestasis Renewal, Rebirth & Revival Book Club

In keeping with the mission of Annestasis and in partnership with the Levitt Shell Health & Wellness Series, Stacey Johnson is taking us on a visual exploration of the book, “The Nature Fix” by Florence Williams.


The book club will meet monthly on the First Wednesday at 6:00 pm for an hour to look at our bodily, spiritual & physical homes and how they can be improved by nature.

Each chapter of this book offers us an opportunity to embrace health outdoors. We will dive deeply into the practical benefits of health found in our natural environments. In addition to a reflection of the chapter’s contents, there will be reflective meditation and the creation of an art piece.


Order your book, grab your art journal and a selection of colored pencils, watercolors, or whatever is handy and join Stacey.


Let’s get healthier and happier together! Buy the book and register below, it’s that simple.

Date Chapter Title
April 7, 2021 Chapter 1 “The Biophilia Effect”
May 5, 2021 Chapter 2 “How Many Neuroscientist…”
June 2, 2021 Chapter 3 “The Smell of Survival”
July 7, 2021 Chapter 4 “Birdbrain”
Auf 4,, 2021 Chapter 5 “Box of Rain”
Sept 1, 2021 Chapter 6 “You May Squat Down”
Oct 6, 2021 Chapter 7 “Garden of Hedon"
Nov 3, 2021 Chapter 8 “Rambling On”
Dec 1, 2021 Chapter 9 “Get Over Yourself”
Jan 5, 2022 Chapter 10 “Water on the Brain”
Feb 2, 2022 Chapter 11 “Please Pass the Hacksaw”
Mar 2, 2022 Chapter 12 “Nature For the Rest of Us”

Contact us to register for the book club

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